Thursday, 21 October 2010

First Workday.

And a fine day it was, too.
About a dozen of us all turned out to mark out the areas on-site that had been agreed on the plan. We now have a good idea where the Chicken run, raised beds, polytunnel and pond are going.
The new gate has been installed, courtesy of The Duchy, along with a new fence on the east side of the site.
The bank to the east is mainly earth that has been deposited when the initial work at Poundbury started - and over the years its slipped a little, aided by some badgers and rabbits! Its taken maybe 10 years to push the old fence over. The new one is about 1 metre inside the old one.
The bank to the west has now been included into the site and this'll be good for bushes and small trees to coppice or crop as appropriate.

One needs to get one's priorities right, doesn't one.

Man with Tape Measure

Next planned workdays will be the weekend of the 13th and 14th November to get some paths installed and to plant 150 (yes 150) trees which have been donated by the Woodland Trust. Fancy a bit of hard graft for the Autumn? Come along.
There will be other workdays organised by individual groups and the first of these is this weekend when a few will be preparing the site for the chicken house. It's a bit uneven just there. They may even set the base ready for House construction. Help will always be welcome. Speak to Kathy or contact me via this post.


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  1. Ooh... gonna need more than one composting toilet... I may not make it that far!