Thursday, 16 September 2010

I'ts just the Beginning Pt 2

It all started like this.
Whilst at a Transition Town Dorchester Food group meeting I had this harebrained idea that it would be nice if Dorchester had a community farm. Inspired by the book "Local Food - How to make it happen in your community" (want to borrow it? Ask!) I thought I'd stick my neck out.
First the Google Earth search to find odd bits of land within the town boundary that would be half suitable (I found 5) then off to see who owned them. It turned out all bar one were owned by the Duchy of Cornwall! Next a quick phonecall to Denis Holmes at the Town Council to find out who to contact, then a call to the good Simon Conibear. I was warned he might be quite cautious and, well, less than helpful (not by Denis though) so my call to him started a bit tentatively, but as conversation progressed it was obvious he was intrigued.
"Put together a proposal," he said,"send it to me and I'll see what we can do".
So, with the help of Andy and Linda from TTD I drew up the proposal. All very official and as professional as we could make it and, on the 1st November last year, sent it in.
Just before Christmas Simon asked to meet me to discuss said proposal, so, with Jenny for support, we went to see him. He couldn't have been more helpful and supportive and that made the whole process much easier.
After a few bits of toing and froing, we settled on what is now known as Under Lanche Community Farm.
The rest you probably know - a site open day and a public meeting later we have the makings of an exciting project.
And the Duchy are looking to deliver topsoil and hard paving quite soon which will enable us to get started with some ground breaking (back breaking?) work.

See you all soon.


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