Friday, 14 January 2011

More Updates

Didn't get to tell it all last time so here's some extras.

The Pond has been dug - but not quite as planned. It was decided by the Wildlife Team that a slightly* different arrangement would be more beneficial to wildlife and be a little more aesthetically pleasing.
The main pond has been moved south about 10 feet and made about 50% bigger than originally planned. And there will now be a properly excavated runoff (which will be lined and seeded as a 'marginal' area) leading into a lower pond about 1/3 the size of the upper one. I'll get Mike to sketch the new arrangement so it can be posted. I think it'll improve that aspect of the project significantly.

Work on the chicken house has been suspended until freezing weather is less likely as any foundations for the building need to set normally.

We now have a Twitter account. If you Tweet then follow us at @UnderLancheFarm

* I understate it a little :)


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